I’m Back!

It has been far too long since I’ve made a blog post but it sure feels good to be back! I started this blog with the intention of posting regularly, but as I’m sure everyone else has experienced, life got in the way. To make a long story short, I spent a lot of time perfecting my post grad applications, then I found out I was rejected, and then I had what I keep calling my 1/4 life crisis. I know that I’m definitely not the only one struggling to figure out exactly what I want to do with my life after graduation. It is just so frustrating when  you have worked so hard to get to a certain point and then the end goal seems just out of reach. I needed some time to reevaluate what I want to do with my life and while I still have no idea, I’m ready to tackle the world with a bowl of Yonanas in one hand and a skipping rope in the other.

And that brings me into my current favourite healthy snack and exercise equipment!

There are two things about me that you don’t know. One is that I absolutely love ice cream, and the second is that I am gluten free. And before all of my fellow nutritionists shake their hands at me claiming that gluten free is just a fad diet and it isn’t healthier I will say that the only reason I am gluten free is because of an allergy, I love cookie dough ice cream as much as the next girl, I wouldn’t give that up if I didn’t have to! Anyways, I love ice cream, but I also know that ice cream is really not a healthy choice in my diet, especially one to be eating on a regular basis! A friend of mine told me about Yonanas. It is pretty much a machine that mushes frozen bananas and fruit together to make it into a frozen yogurt consistency. No sugar added, just fruit. When I found out about this machine I had to have it! I couldn’t wait even one day! Coincidentally, that night, one of my friends saw a whole bunch of Yonanas on sale for only $20 at Zehrs and she picked one up for me. Since that day, I have been addicted!

The machine is so easy to use and so easy to clean (I might just be a  bit lazy and throw it in the dishwasher, minus the blade of course). All you need to do is freeze a bunch of bananas that have gone spotted without the peel on (I wish I had read that before I made it this first time). You add 1/2 a banana and a handful of frozen fruit into the Yonanas machine and that’s it! You can keep repeating until you’ve made as much as you want. My favoruite is just bananas and raspberries but you can make it all fancy by adding chocolate and mint, etc. I really love the rich fruit flavour, and while it doesn’t taste entirely like bananas you won’t like it if you don’t like bananas.

Tip: I’ve been making large batches and freezing them into little containers so that I always have a snack ready to go! It changes the consistency a bit but trust me, it’s still delicious!

Another benefit of my Yonanas? I now have a use for all of my bananas that start to go bad! I’m not a big banana bread fan, particularly when I have to make it gluten free, so those spotted bananas usually went to my boyfriend. While he’s a little disappointed that he needs to start buying his own bananas, he too loves the Yonanas!


Raspberry Yonanas

Stay tuned for my next post on why my skipping rope has been my best friend!

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Water, Water, Water

Brr! I just got back from a cool run in -8 degree weather (which is actually really warm considering the temperatures we’ve been seeing here lately). When I got back, I grabbed a glass of water, but I was not thirsty at all. Does anybody else have this problem when the weather is cool?

Every time I get a fitness assessment done at the gym they tell me that I need to drink more water. I will definitely admit that not drinking enough water is my biggest issue, and one that I really have to force myself to overcome. And it’s not that I drink a lot of other beverages to compensate, I don’t drink a lot of anything. Considering our body is about 60% water and relies on that water to flush out toxins, carry nutrients, and keep our tissues moist, it is really important to drink water, even when I am not feeling thirsty.

According to the Institute of Medicine, women are supposed to have about 2.2 L of water each day and men are supposed to have about 3 L of water each day. However, this number would increase depending on the climate and your activity level. I’m aiming to have about 3 L a day in the winter, and much more in the summer months.

To add flavour to your water you can always add lemon, like you find in most restaurants, but have you ever tried adding anything else? Cucumbers make the water taste really refreshing and so do grapes! Honestly, you could add any fruit imaginable and it will taste delicious! Something that many people haven’t tried is adding herbs to your water, or a combination of herbs and fruit. A popular one is watermelon and mint, but I’m not much of a mint in my food/drink person (I feel like I’m drinking toothpaste…). My favourite combinations are lemon and basil, strawberry lime, and raspberry kiwi.


                                   An early morning snowy run.

Do you have any tips to drinking more water? I would love to hear them!

Getting Started

2014 is my year! That’s what I keep hearing everybody say, that is. While some people roll their eyes when they hear this, I think it is a great excuse to step out of your comfort zone and try something you’ve always wanted to do. That is one of the reasons why I am here.

So, lets get started! I’m running my first 10 km race this spring and I’m really excited about it! Although I consider myself to be a runner, I’ve never actually ran 10 km before. I’m more of a short distance runner, I think 5 km is the perfect distance. I really want to push myself further in my workouts though, so first I will do a 10 km race and then work my way up to a half marathon.

I love running because you need nothing more than a good shoe. I admire those who are able to tolerate the minimalist style of running, but for the health of my feet I must stick with the good old fashioned way. Nothing frustrates me more than seeing what seems like everybody buying minimalist shoes but not adapting their running style! Better yet, wearing minimalist shoes for the first time, not adapting their running style, and running 10 km. I love the way minimalist shoes feel and I think there are many benefits to them, but if you are like me and are looking for a good supportive shoe that is also lightweight I highly recommend the brand ASICS.

As I write this post I just heard from my parents that they were able to find me another pair of my favourite shoes that I cannot seem to find anywhere in Canada in my size! They are the Asics Gel Noosa Tri 8 running shoes. These are hands down the best shoes I have ever owned in my entire life. I ran the life out of one pair already, just bought another, and sent my parents on a mission to find one more pair. I am on my feet all day at work and I have never had any issues with my fasciitis in my foot since buying these shoes. I also find that my fore foot is wider than average, and these shoes fit me perfectly. Don’t get me wrong, I have a few friends with normal feet who also have these shoes and they swear by them too! Not to mention, they come in a bunch of crazy colours! I probably have somebody stop me once  week asking where I got them!

What shoe do you recommend?

I swear by these shoes!

I swear by these shoes!